Apologies for the lateness of this one going online. Photoshop decided that it was going to forget who I was so I’ve had to reinstall, and at the same time attempts to reconfigure my firewall to work with the Xbox 360 meant dropping the wall occasionally for a couple of minutes, and it seems that in the meantime some nasty bugs have found their way onto my machine. Bah! I’m getting very annoyed with virus and trojan writers; they seem to be a few steps ahead of the prevention software at the moment, and this has wasted many many hours of my life. I want my time back!

In other news: the Xbox 360 is supposed to be a media hub that allows you to, among other things, watch videos from your PC in my living room. Lovely:

Music, movies, pictures, streaming video: Turn Xbox 360™ into a mind-blowing multimedia centerpiece by pairing it with a PC. (source)

So we eventually got it set up… But only a couple of videos were showing up, not the near-impossible to find recordings of obscure cyberpunk TV shows from the 1980s that I wanted to watch. We couldn’t work it out… Until we found out that it would only play .WMV files and nothing else. If you’ve got a file in the .AVI format (one of the most common formats of video available) then it takes around nine hours to convert one hour of video into the .WMV format. Impressed? No, I wasn’t either. So far my experience of the Xbox 360 has been far less than overwhelming, and if this is a sign of what ‘next-gen’ gaming is bringing then we could be up for a very annoying ride over the next few years.

Oops! I seem to have grumbled for this entire blurb! Sorry about that, I’ve just been having a very annoying week!

‘Hope you enjoyed the strip, see you Monday!

(And no, I still can’t tell you what my exciting news might be yet.)