What is it about sitting on hillsides that makes God more likely to appear there? There they are, with nothing but sheep for miles around, green grass, and a few innocent looking mushrooms. Why would God appear there, eh?

Anyway, on a less blasphemous note, my good news happened! At the end of January I’ll be starting a new-ish career, working in design for, in my opinion, the most exciting games company in the UK. It’s quite a low-level position, mostly consisting of training to begin with, but they seem very keen to invest in new talent and there are plenty of opportunities. At the moment I can’t tell you what title I’ll be working on, but when I am allowed to share this publically I’ll let you know. Again though, I am very excited to be working on this title and I can’t wait to see it finished. There’s something great about being able to play something, enjoy it, and know that you made it. I occasionally go back and play my games and I’m usually very pleased at what I’ve created over the years, so it’s great to be given the chance to make things on a grander scale.

Don’t worry, I will still be making things for this site! This is my hobby, and I really enjoy doing it (most of the time!) so Trouble Down Pit will continue, and the animations may even become more regular when I’ve got a steady income. There will be the additional benefit that I’ll be posting these before work on Monday and Fridays again, rather than near-midday like I am today… I would apologise, but I’m loving being able to have a lay-in while I can, so I really have no regrets!
Speaking of such things, I will be moving house, so now would be a really good time to buy things from my shop so I don’t have to move them with me!

I’m really pleased with today’s and Friday’s comic, have a great week, and I’ll see you then!