The cast so far:

Mr. Floppity (also known as Dr. Floppity, or Floppity M.D.)

A small, cute, lilac bunny who claims to be immortal and have witnessed every major event in history. He may also be a liar. He is almost certainly not medically qualified. Although he is a toy, he is in deep denial of this and it’s best not to talk about it.

Mr. Floppity also has a toy bunny, called Beany Bunny, that everyone agrees is a toy, but no-one mentions it to Beany Bunny to avoid hurting its feelings.


A black cat. Sometimes she can talk, but only when she feels like doing it, and mostly she sleeps and tries to ignore Mr. Floppity’s jokes.


A cross-dressing time-travelling version of Patrick Stewart, whose first draft of Romeo & Juliet was set in the future and heavily influenced by Star Wars/Trek, and several other sci-fi classics.

Romeo and Juliet

Starcrossed lovers. Really, you’ve got to know this story. This version has more lightsabers than the usual one.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Created a time-machine the day before his death with the help of the Army Of Ducks. Now travelling through time, combating the forces of evil that are embodied by Professor Von Gosling, a goose.

The Army Of Ducks

A universal  force for peace and justice. The greatest scholars, wits, and darts players to have ever lived.

Jesus, Mary, Joseph

Son, mother, cuckold.

Mikey the angel

An angel booted out of heaven after a near-two-thousand year party. His job is to try and sort out the world.

Veil the demon

A demon sent to make sure the world descends into chaos, and who has a fondness for geese.

Kitsune and Roofus

A shape-shifter with anger management issues, and a pretentious cyber-ninja.


The ‘artist’. Has survived for over three decades. He is rumoured to eat kittens, but it is a documented fact that he arm-wrestled with Ghengis Khan at the battle of Waterloo. He also would like to try a Twinkie, because he’s been to America a couple of times and still hasn’t had one. He is British and lives in the Netherlands. He is an exhibited fine arts painter, university lecturer, computer games designer, animator, writer, former professional circus performer, martial artist, PhD, and generally doesn’t have a lot of spare time because of all of those things (and drawing this webcomic every Monday and Friday).

UPDATE: He has now had a Twinkie, and it was tasty.