Morning all! I’m updating a little later than usual today because of the hush hush thing that’s been going on for a few weeks. With a bit of luck I’ll be able to say what it was all about on Friday, and hopefully it will be good news. Mysterious, isn’t it?

This weekend I’ve been trying my hand at Xbox Live thingies. To be honest, I’m not massively impressed. It’s a pretty decent system, but the setup costs are a lot, there’s the monthly fee, the voice communication is barely understandable, downloads to get the level packs take ages, and there’s always someone who has played the game 20 hours a day for the last six months who enjoys bullying the less experienced. Sadly, it’s pretty much what I expected… On the plus side, when the games are working properly and the connection holds then it can be very good fun, but as with all things it depends on the level of the people you’re playing with.

‘Enjoy the strip, visit my shop, and I’ll see you on Friday!