How rude.

Actually, Friday’s one is even more rude…

Some thoughts about Halo 3 (Buy it in the UK or buy it in the US. Remember – start shopping after clicking an Amazon link on my site and I get 5% of what you spend. Please remember this in the run-up to Christmas!)
Despite working both days, I’ve had a really nice weekend. A great friend of mine visited and there was plenty of chatting on Friday, followed by lots of Halo 3 on Saturday. My tip for that game – only play it with friends. The campaign is very similar to everything they’ve made before (solid, enjoyable, but third-time-around), but getting a second controller and playing on split-screen is a real treat. Halo 3 definitely isn’t the perfect game that some make it out to be, and the Xbox 360, with its noisy cooling fans, is not the perfect machine on which to enjoy vocal performances. It must break the hearts of audio designers that they put so much work into subtle depth and variation then half of it is drowned out by the noise of the machine. Anyway, we had a lot of fun playing it together but I doubt I’ll play it again until I have friends over to play it with. If you like multiplayer stuff, or enjoy shooting complete strangers online, then you’ll love it. If you want a deep and interesting FPS (First Person Shooter) single-player experience then I’d suggest going for Bioshock instead. (Buy it in the UK or buy it in the US)

That’s it from me today. See you on Friday. Don’t forget to vote please!