Juliet had better be careful she doesn’t burn her feet on the jetpack flames… Then again, maybe they’re special cold flames that they’ve invented in the future. Yep, that would be it.

I am sad to report that this week has not been much fun. It’s bound to happen occasionally; however, this weekend a friend is visiting, so (despite needing to go into work on both days) I should have a great time. The plan is to assault Halo 3’s single player campaign. I have low expectations, after everyone I work with saying how disappointed they’ve been with it, so I may be pleasantly surprised!

What fun thing(s) do you have planned? See you Monday, and please vote! I’m doing pretty well on the ranking at the moment, so I’d love to keep it up.

EDIT: I tell a lie, I listened to an audiobook of Conan The Invincible, which was a jolly good romp. Perhaps not laugh-out-loud fun, but very enjoyable nonetheless. There you go, I did do something fun this week!