That’s what Romeo and Juliet needed: more snogging.

I’m now slightly bruised and very happy after many hours of kung fu over the weekend. It’s been one for indulging – work finished late on Friday, and they gave us beer too, so the rest of the evening slipped away, the Saturday was taken up with Wing Chun kung fu and more beer, Sunday was absorbed by returning home, going to work for the afternoon/early evening, and then doing the comics for this week. These strips are a little bit soppy, but cute can be nice too.

Did you get up to anything fun? Were you involved in a 48 hour game of tag with small people and cats (as was predicted by SmilingMrJ in his comment on Friday)? Did you wrestle with alligators, or perhaps the meaning of life?

This week is going to be lots and lots of late nights at work, I think, so I’m not predicting a huge amount of fun, but I’m determined to find something decent among it all. I’ll let you know how it’s gone on Friday. See you then! Please vote!