Punchline? Sort of… I just liked the idea. I’m dead chuffed with how this picture turned out though. What do you think? I took about three hours to draw. That’s a realistic version of the Vatican and the local streets being stomped on!

I’m entering the final stages of the game I’m working on for my day job, only a week of hardcore time left, then a little while of fiddling possibly after that, then it’s all done. Huzzah! The life in the games industry means that I have no idea what I’m going to be working on in a few weeks time, but I guess that keeps things interesting.

If all goes to plan, then I’ll be having Saturday off to go and do kung fu with one of my old Wing Chun teachers. He’s a top chap and I’ve not seen him for a few months, so I’m really looking forward to that. Sunday will probably see me back at work, again… But like I say, we’re nearly done on the game, so soon I might be on nearly-normal hours again. Hooray! How on earth I find time to do these comics, I really don’t know.

So, another mixed weekend for me. Your mission is to choose now what fun thing you want to do, then make sure you actually achieve it this weekend. What are your plans?

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