No punchline really today because there was an image in my head that tickled me, so this is the set-up for that on Friday.

I had a fun weekend, at another wedding. Congratulations to Em and Ian! It turns out that Ian is very picky about his music, with the result that there were lots of really superb tunes played in the evening. Goldbug’s Whole Lotta Love really did demand dancing to, and there were many other great ones, resulting in me happy, but aching lots on Saturday… And on Sunday I went to work. Ho hum. Did you get up to anything fun this weekend?

As a side note, this is now two weddings that I’ve been to where no ABBA has been played. It’s been absolute bliss. Every copy of Dancing Queen in existence should be burnt. I’m off to another one in a few weeks, so I hope we can make it three for three.

The plan for the week is to work out the visual style for my Halloween animation, so hopefully something cool will come to mind. Don’t forget to vote please, and I’ll see you for a nice big picture on Friday. Bye!