They’re cheeky blighters, those ducks.

I had a lot of trouble deciding over the last frame of this strip – there were so many options. This is probably the most mild one, you can fill in several for yourself I’m sure, but I thought this one was most appropriate.

This week I heard a friend who didn’t know she had cancer has been given the ‘all clear’ at the same time as she found out that she had previously had it… Err… Yay? Get well soon to you, if you’re reading this.

It’s another weekend of work, but the game is nearly there. I’ve been playing it solidly all week, helping iron out niggles, and it’s playing really well. I have noticed that the new trigger buttons on the PS3 controllers make your fingers get tired faster than the Xbox 360 triggers. I plan to get a bit more of my Halloween animation done in my spare time, which I’m rather looking forward to.

See you Monday, and don’t forget to vote please!