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I’ve had a lovely relaxing weekend. The new Harry Potter game is very good (UK link US link) so I’ve spent quite a few hours playing that. There are still a few rough edges, but it’s good simple fun to wander around and do magic. If you like the books and fancy a nice jaunt through the Hogwarts world then give it a try. Also, use the word ‘jaunt’ at least once today, I think it’s impossible not to smile when you use it. It makes me think of happy dogs cavorting in fields. ‘Cavorting’ is another good word, a bit like ‘frolicking’, but ‘jaunt’ is the one to fit into conversation at some point. Enjoy!

See you Friday, have a great week! I’ve got kung fu and yoga planned for my evenings, and I might get back to working on a novel I’ve been planning for ages. Bye!