Keep voting please! The button is over there on the right! This strip has 3000 regular readers (which isn’t many compared to the 50000 that visit my main site each month, but never mind). If each of you voted once per day then I’d get… Quadrillions of votes per month. Woohoo! As it is I usually get a few hundred, but that’s enough to keep me floating around the top 50 mark, which is good going for a strip that’s not even hit 100 episodes yet. Thanks everyone and keep it up (and ‘get on with it’ to you non-voting slackers!).
This strip took ages. Seriously, ‘William Shakespeare’ just does not arrange into anything else even vaguely appropriate at all easily. I even had to change the plan for the story line to fit with the version I came up with!

It looks like I’ll be working this weekend. Hi diddly dee. In other news, I’ve started writing a novel. Huzzah! I hope I keep going with it. I think it’s got a lot of potential, and I’ve planned it more carefully than other attempts at lengthy writing so it should get a lot further. Right, I’m off to bed. G’night all, enjoy the weekend and I’ll see you for more absurdity on Monday!