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For a change, I plan to have a nice relaxing weekend. I’m going to set myself up with the new Harry Potter game The Order of the Phoenix and just chill out for a while (UK link US link). The game has been getting great reviews, most of them are stunned that there is finally a good Harry Potter game, and I’ve seen a fair bit of it running and it looks excellent. I’m really looking forward to it!

Speaking of such things, don’t forget that if you or your friends/family are going to order anything from Amazon in the UK or US, please remember to start your trip by clicking on an Amazon link on my site. They’re on the bottom of most pages and I get 5% of whatever spend on that trip. This means that I can save up for nice things, such as the graphics tablet that I draw these comics with, or hard-drives to repair my PC when it gets damaged!

Anyway, have a fun weekend. If you’re in the UK then try and find somewhere dry to hide! See you Monday!