I apologise for the terrible yolk. Sometimes I can’t help myself when I think of something like this: I just get too eggcited to resist… As so on!

Over here in the south of the Netherlands it’s carnival week. As far as I can tell, this most requires you to dress up in outfits that make you look daft (the more daft, the better) and drink lots. Possibly dancing to oom-pah music will be involved. Unlike other parts of the world, public dress-up over here is still very much for the silliness of it, and it’s not been overtaken yet by the sexualisation of fancy-dress that seems to have fully taken over in women’s costumes elsewhere. It’s here too, but there are many, many more people who are just dressing up, looking ridiculous, and having  a lovely time. It’s really rather nice. And very noisy.

Have an awesome week everybody!