They do you know.

In just over a week I’m moving house, away from a city I’ve lived in for over ten years. I live in Winchester, which is a tiny city in the South of the UK. It is very, very old as far as British civilisation goes (a lot further than American, a lot less than Italy, Persia, or China). I have wandered through pretty much every nook of the centre of this city that can be accessed by the public. I’ve seen places that residents probably never see in a lifetime. It’s not a big city, but I know its centre better than most people, and so it’s odd to go elsewhere.

There are so many obvious sadnesses about leaving a place – friends, colleagues, places – but there is a sense of lost knowledge too. I am proud of the breadth of my understanding of Winchester, and it will be very peculiar to move elsewhere.

On a similar note: I’m off to Guildford (which is like a mix of Croydon and Winchester), does anyone know any decent pubs there?

Damn… Another post ends up talking about booze… See you on Friday!