This is one for the Brits. I’d love it to be relevant to the Americans as well, but with only two realistic parties to vote for then it’s rather academic whether you use First Past The Post or the Alternative Voting system; however, in the UK, implementing this system will give greater support to parties that people want to win, allowing people to express their views more clearly without removing the right for people to vote for one party only if they wish.

All in all, voting YES to A.V. is the most sensible option. At the moment the vote is completely split. If you are in the U.K. I dearly implore you and everyone you know to vote yes this Thursday – please don’t waste your vote, don’t be lazy, don’t let others win through your inaction.

Whatever you decide to vote is up to you, but I’ve not seen a good argument against A.V. yet. Don’t just vote for no change because it seems simpler. Get educated and make up your own mind.

See you Friday!

P.S. A big congratulations to my friends on the birth of their baby girl (one of whom is a regular commenter on these comics so I know he’ll read this). You’re lovely people and I’m sure you’ll make awesome parents! (Then again, they’re probably quite busy at the moment, so perhaps reading webcomics isn’t their highest priority right now…)