As much as I’ve wondered the same thing, I seriously doubt I’d have the guts to ask it. Da Vinci’s a braver man than me (or it could be that this is a fictional representation of Da Vinci and so he has nothing to lose).

Over the past few days I’ve been playing Final Fantasy 12 (UK link US link). It really is superb: the fighting system is great, the upgrade board method is lovely, the graphics rival anything on the new-gen machines despite being on a system that’s been out for many years… If you have ever vaguely enjoyed a role-playing game on a computer then I highly recommend it. One thing though – the British guide to the game is vastly superior to the American one, and it’s even available in hardback!  If you’re in the US and love FFXII then I would really think about importing it. It’s worth it!

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