Happy Christmas/Yule/mid-winter/day in December everybody! Your mission on Friday is to post a comment about your favourite bit of this week. Keep an eye out for the good things and remember them!

There’ll be no comic strip update on Christmas day. I had considered it, but it’s been a busy weekend, so I’ve got one more Nativity comic strip lined up for Friday, then we’ll be back to the regular Romeo & Juliet story. You’re getting one on Christmas eve, so I figure that’s close enough 🙂

I’ve had a lovely weekend with my family, and I’ve got a whole week of Christmasy things lined up to come. I hope you’re having a good time whatever you’re doing, whatever your faith.

I also found a little time for writing, so I’m now over 69,000 words into my novel. I’m looking forward to hitting 70k tomorrow – having less than 30k left to write is a big psychological leap I think.

Thanks for reading my comic over the past twelve months. It’s been a big learning experience for me, and I hope it’s been enjoyable for you too.

Have a wonderful few days. See you Friday, I look forward to reading your ‘nice things’ comments! (Don’t forget to vote please!)