We interrupt this sci-fi retelling of Romeo & Juliet to bring you a quick jaunt back to the nativity. More on Monday, and possibly a bonus Christmas episode. Possibly not. It depends if I think of anything. Find out next week!

I’m having ‘second Christmas’ this weekend, not to be confused with ‘first Christmas’ last weekend, or ‘third Christmas’ this coming Tuesday. Apparently most people are only going for celebrating the third Christmas. Silly people.

In other news, today I passed the two-thirds finished mark on my novel. Currently I’m on precisely 66,800 words. I anticipate that there will be a few days over the next week where I won’t have time for writing (or perhaps the hand-eye coordination) but I will definitely be in the early 70,000 words. Once I’m past that, I’ve got the downhill sprint towards narrative resolution and happiness.

A slightly more significant landmark should also be noted – it took me around seven years to write my PhD thesis, which ended up being 72,829 words long. In a week, I may have written the longest thing I’ve ever constructed, and all in just over two months. I’m not quite sure what that implies about factual discussions, the quality of the writing, or anything else. Please feel free to speculate with the comments box! (I promise I won’t ban you for being cheeky… Probably MWAHAHAHA. Ahem.)

Anyway, have a lovely weekend. Please remember to vote for my comic using the button on the right. See you on Monday!