Roofus (the cyber ninja) has learnt an important lesson: don’t mess with Kitsune.

I have also learnt an important lesson: I need to practise drawing cartoon women! I can draw and paint things to look as I intend without too much difficulty, but the cartoon style isn’t one that I’ve really explored a lot in the past. So why on earth would I go ahead and introduce a female character? The answer is simple really, and it’s that I’m not going to improve by avoiding things that I’ve not tried before. The strip will benefit from having her character in it, and this way I’ll force myself to improve my style. I think the new graphics tablet will help because I’ll get a better level of sensitivity to my movements. We’ll see…

I’m really happy with the layout on this one; nice and dynamic. Do you like it?

In other news: Does anyone working in the games industry fancy giving me a job? Do you know someone in the games industry who’d like a smart bloke to come work for them? I write, I’ve got ideas coming out of me faster than I can keep up with, I’m dedicated, I can draw… I’m looking for something in the line of helping structure narrative and characters, because this is something that needs to be addressed in the next-gen phase of consoles, but anything in design would be of interest. Drop me a line: mata [at} matazone(dot] co [.) uk . Thanks!

I’m helping a friend celebrate his birthday this weekend, so that’ll be more drinking for me then. Somehow I’ll just have to bear it! ‘Hope you all have fun ones, see you on Monday! (I’m being organised again, online at 8:20am. w00t!)