Welcome back! Did you miss me? Two days apart, what sweet sorrow!

I’ve had another fun weekend. Lunch with a kung fu friend at a pub called Goblets in Southampton (nice food, and the barmaid had a superb blue mohican), then off to another friend’s birthday bash where I drank immensely tasty sauvignon. It’s a hard life, y’know! We played a card game called ‘Gloom’ (US link, not stocked in the UK) where the objective is to make your characters die the most miserable death possible. It’s really fun (if you’re a bit morbid), has got some great design ideas, and the cards themselves have got some really nice artwork on them: they look a lot like the work of the fabulous Edward Gorey.

After waking up hungover on Sunday, it was back to work, writing things, and finishing off this week’s strips. Speaking of which, please click here to vote for my comic. There’s another link at the bottom of this page that you can click on to vote with too, if you’re feeling productive. You can vote once per-day, so please drop by again and help out!

My plan for the week is to finally get on top of finishing my thesis. I’ve spent months trying to find some new articles to discuss, and have found only a few. In the words of one of them, there is a ‘deafening critical silence’ about Gibson’s second trilogy, which would explain my difficulty finding anything new to write about. It’s going to be interesting trying to get three or four thousand words out of so few essays, but I’m sure I’ll cope.

I’ve got a busy week ahead, ‘hope yours goes well too. See you Friday!