My Super-Dimension-O-Cam 3000 tells me that this really happened. Currently Osama is trying to explain his actual nationality for the 345th time.

This week I watched a film called Devil (UK link, US link). It’s a horror film about a group of people trapped in a lift (elevator to Americans) and the attempts to rescue them, but all is not as it seems and there appears to be a more sinister force at work. It’s a fun and tense film, nothing extraordinary, but it beats the standard American slasher flick any time.

I’ve worked out why the US Amazon prices always seem to be higher at the moment – I think it’s because they’re trying to plug’s download service instead. The weird thing is that they charge almost as much to buy the download as they do to buy the physical DVD. The rental charge is reasonable enough, but $15 for a digital copy seems very steep to me. It will be interesting to see if these prices drop over time, because I can’t see many people being willing to pay those prices, especially if there is restrictive DRM involved (though I don’t know if there is or not).

Anyway, have a good weekend, see you Monday!