Bok bok bok to the future. (Sometimes there are punchlines that don’t fit the script.)

Not this week, but next week I might do a five day special of photos charting the progress of a painting I’ve been working on. There is a cunning reason for this… I’m buying a house on Friday! Eek! So, the important bit for you is that I’ll be going ‘Rargh! I own a house! I’m in danger of being a grown up!’ for most of the week but I’ll still be posting on here. That is probably a bit daft on my part (the posting on my comic while going through the house stuff, not the buying the house itself), but I’ll be doing it anyway. Of course this does rely on the photos having turned out okay, but all things being good with those then there will be a five day series showing a bit of my process when painting, which hopefully will be interesting.

Soooo… Eek! House!