It would be fair to say that this didn’t quite turn out how I had planned it. Really, I had something else entirely in my mind when I started it, but it kept on getting more peculiar the longer I spent drawing it, until it ended up this way. Er…

I had a great weekend. Saturday morning I cried lots at an incredibly upsetting chapter in the book I’m reading. It’s a hard-boiled cyberpunk thriller, so there’s a barnstorming plot, violence, and lots of technology, and then all of a sudden it has some of the most moving writing I’ve experienced in a long time. Surprised? Me? My gods yes. I’ve got 50 pages to go, and I can’t wait to see how it all ends! It’s Black Man by Richard Morgan (also known as Thirteen in the US), and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Buy it in the UK or buy it in the US.

I also picked up the new William Gibson novel, Spook Country, (Buy it in the US or buy it in the UK) which I’m massively excited about reading, but I’ve promised myself I’ll finish Black Man first. It’s a good time for book lovers!

In the evening I went out with friends to celebrate a birthday, then Sunday was spent mostly working on this week’s comic strips. Another busy one. Enjoy the strip, it’s episode 100 on Friday! See you then!