Floppity M.D. will be back soon, I just didn’t have enough time to work on that, instead…

I’ve spent an enormous amount of time working on my synopsis and novel this weekend. How many hours? I think it’s around a dozen. It’s remarkably tricky to summarise 107,000 words into a few pages. My first attempt came out at 6 pages, single spaced. On looking around for recommendations from writing websites (not always to be trusted, but I saw the same thing in several places) it was suggested that this was too long. I’ve got it down to 4 pages, double spaced. Hopefully that will be enough to whet the agent’s appetite for the story!

There were other tough decisions too. I originally started the novel with the lead character remembering some events, but I adjusted it so he lived through them. It doesn’t seem big, but when they were in the past there was no progress in the plot (because it had all happened) but in the present it means that everything keeps moving forward while I’m still revealing the same information to both the character and reader at the same time, rather than just the reader.

This post may come out slightly garbled because my brain feels a little bit like it has been replaced by a small portion of peking duck for no good reason, but I think you get the idea.

See you Friday!