Readers in the UK will probably be aware that a very nice man called Tony Hart died over the weekend. He inspired many young people with art TV shows for kids, which he made for many decades. He was a man who loved art and clearly enjoyed himself while making it. He made growing up not seem so bad – if you could be his age and still love being creative it meant that adult life couldn’t all be boring.

I think it was watching Morph, with it’s cheap production values, that inspired me to get into animation. It showed me that you didn’t have to have amazing skills to be able to produce something that others could enjoy, you just had to have a bit of heart in it (no pun intended). From this, you could say that his inspiration planted a lot of the seeds of who I am today.

A sad loss for us all, and my thoughts are with his family, but his sense of fun and his influence most certainly won’t be forgotten.

I’m going to be having an immensely busy week at work with lots of pressure on me… But hey ho. I’m rather looking forward to it. See you Friday!