Hi everyone!

As you’re probably aware, it’s Halloween this week. Every year for over a decade I have been making an animation to celebrate this (well… Mostly it’s because I love writing short horror stories). This year I thought I’d write a series of horror stories that are all less than 100 words long. I chose one of stories to become this year’s animation, but I thought I’d do another as a comic. I hope you like it! At only 49 words long, I think I managed to hit my target!

The animation is still in progress, but you can see last year’s animation here:

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Previous years are also online, though they are Flash player only (if you’re looking at this page on a laptop or desktop that should be fine, if you’re on mobile or a tablet then that might cause you some issues). You can find the Matazone Halloween animations from previous years here.

Have a safe and fun Halloween everyone. See you Friday!