I realise that for many this won’t make a lot of sense. I grew up in Croydon. It was bombed heavily during WWII, and consequently mostly consists of some fine examples of big 1960s concrete architecture, which is interesting if you like huge lumps of concrete but otherwise is a bit of an eyesore (personally I rather like the monolithic quality of the buildings, but that’s beside the point). In the UK, Croydon is one of this places that it’s fine to say anything you like about. It’s got the problems of a big city without the benefit of being a city. To put this is further context, the TV series Red Dwarf (UK link US link) is set millions of years in the future, after the human race is extinct, in a distant part of the galaxy, and they still insult Croydon. Yep, it’s a popular town!

Sometimes I write stuff and go ‘no-one outside the UK will get that’ so I change it, but sometimes I don’t and this was one of those times.

This year’s Halloween animation is coming on well, but in the meantime you might want to revisit previous years’ Halloween animations.

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‘Hope you like the strip, see you Friday!