In other news, fans of the wonderful PS2 game Rez (such as myself and anyone else with eyes and ears who played the game) were very chuffed to hear that a semi-sequel-ish game called Child Of Eden was being made. People weren’t so excited when it was announced that the main control scheme was using the Kinect, but it turns out that it was jolly good and people love it.

The main reason that I’m writing about this is that the game is being converted for the PS3 and being released in September, but are selling it for an amazing preorder price of £15! Child of Eden on PS3 from is an absolute bargain for that price tag and I highly recommend snapping it up. It also supports the Playstation Move, which is a bit more precise than the Kinect and has the benefit of buttons, so journalists are saying that they think that the Move might give it the best control scheme of the lot. Even with a pad, this is supposed to be a brilliant title so go preorder it!

As much as I want people to buy this game for their own enjoyment, I also want people to support the makers because of the quality. It’s a unique lightshow and musical experience and consumers need to show big publishers that there is a market for games that aren’t about killing soldiers in high-polygon realistic environments – that sometimes we want to be delighted as well as excited by our games.

See you Monday!