This weekend I saw a film that was a mix of Blade Runner, Equilibrium, and Roman Polanski’s Ninth Gate. It’s about angels and devils fighting for control of Purgatory. Six of the seven archangels have vanished when they have been sent there, now there’s only one left. It’s called Gabriel (UK link, US link) and I highly advise that you never watch it. It’s got a bad guy who looks uncannily like Rutger Hauer from twenty years ago, but who delivers every bit of dialogue, with, meaningful, pauses. ‘Get, me a, cup, of… tea.’ The fighting steals ideas from better films (although does have one cool bit of a tussling with pistols… For about twenty seconds), and the intriguing premise is completely wasted.

Otherwise I had a nice weekend 🙂 What did you get up to?