Okay, so this probably isn’t exactly how it happened. Probably.

The mechanics are damn good: the controls are very responsive, the weapons are balanced with obvious care, and the online aspects are handled very nicely. I just hope that the story is going to improve (or be revealed to be much more interesting than the initial set-up suggests) over the next few years, because at the moment I have no investment in the universe itself.

It’s the universe that pulls me back to games like Uncharted, Prince of Persia, and God of War, even when the changes between games are not startling in the mechanics. Currently Destiny’s universe feels like an excuse for the mechanics, not the mechanics being an inevitable consequence of an interesting universe.

I’m very much enjoying those mechanics, but in a while there will be new mechanics in another game that attract me, and so what is going to pull me back to Destiny for the planned ten years of content? It’s going to be interesting finding out.

See you Friday!