Yep, they’re the abominations behind all suffering and misery in the world. It’s all true I tell you!

This weekend we rented out District 13 (UK link) (known as District B13 (US link) in America). What a superb film! The plot is daft, but completely suitable and a bit more socially aware than would be expected from an average action film, but without shoving politics down your throat… The action though… It’s utterly fantastic to watch. The highlight for me has to be the casino fight, but there are too many good moments to pick anything out individually. Weirdly, the film it reminded me of the most is Die Hard: it’s a well-made film that succeeds at everything it wants to do, without feeling ashamed of being ‘simply’ action. It really is an incredibly enjoyable film and I highly recommend it if you like this genre (or watching very buff blokes jump around athletically!).

See you on Friday!