Inside the house, most of the graffiti is unreadable. Even the writers have not visited for a long time. Places like this always raise the question of the last years and days of the occupants – what brought them there, and what happened to make them leave? What was the final straw that turned the decision? But seeing the writing on the walls, it makes me think of different things – what brought the visitors here, how long did they stay, and what was the moment in their life that made them leave their mark? It’s easier to imagine the visitors having a road-trip and moving through good times than it is for the people who had to leave the house behind.

This green house appeared to have been abandoned for a few decades – it was mostly stripped inside, and some rooms were missing their floors. The roof was still mostly intact, but it seemed only a matter of time before that would go too. The trees outside must have been up-kept with the house, because everything nearby appeared dead too. Once the people had gone, it all began to return to its natural wild state, and not all life is fit for New Mexico.