Oh yes: come to Trouble Down Pit for all your fine-art/80s synth pop cross over jokes. I’ll be mass-market any minute now!

I hope you enjoyed the painting-creation series last week. I may do it again when I get more projects underway.

This weekend I had a zombie-move session. We started with ‘Land of the Dead’ (UK link, US link), which was pretty decent, but nothing too special. It’s one of the few ‘of the Dead’ I’ve not seen before, so it was good to add a tick to that list. ‘Diary of the Dead’ (UK link, US link) was as fun as I remember it – the student-film look and style is very nicely replicated, complete with slow-mo montages and the pseudo-philosophy voiceover. Last up we had ‘Quarantine’, the very strong American remake of the excellent Spanish zombie ‘[Rec]’ – if you’ve not seen either and don’t mind subtitles then I really recommend going for the original (UK link, US link). The Spanish-language sequel, following on minutes after the original, is also definitely worth seeing. An American sequel is planned for later this year but is taking a very different angle on the story; it’s set on an aeroplane rather than in the same building.

Anyway, see you Friday!