He’s so mean sometimes…

Anyway, yes, this is my new year’s resolution (again) and this time I’m going to stick to it. By this time next year I will have sent my novel to at least one agent (probably several). It’s written, but it needs polishing. Writing the 100,000 words took 3 months, the editing has been going on whenever I have the chance for around three years now. Oops… So, it’s time to get it done!

By the way, if you’re one of the thousands of regular readers who enjoys this comic, you might want to share the festive cheer by sending a few pounds my way. If every one of you sent one pound I’d be very happy indeed, but if every one of you sent ten pounds… Well, that would just be awesome. So far I’ve drawn over 450 comic strips, two a week for over four years and I’m going to keep doing that for the future as far as I can see.

I’ve added two new options to the menu on the right, one is to donate to this site – this is a one off donation and would be lovely to receive:

The second option is for people who fancy giving some on-going support to this site. This lets you set up a standing donation, something that comes out monthly. You could send one pound a month, you could send ten pounds per month… Anything would be utterly awesome of you. Frankly, I doubt many people will do this, but it would be lovely if you are one of them:

So… After that rather fiscal post, I hope you have an wonderful new year. 2010 has been very eventful for me, as you can probably tell, and let’s hope that 2011 brings new and amazing things for us all. Have a peaceful and happy one. See you next year.