I’m without internet access at home for the next few weeks, so this strip is brought to you courtesy of Guildford Public Library, woo hoo! Big up the library possee! Or something like that. The girl next to me is eating a Cornish pasty and getting crumbs on the keyboard… And who ever said that being a comic artist isn’t glamourous?

Strips will be a little infrequent for a little while until I can get regular access, but this may happen as early as next week, depending on whether I get five minutes during breaks to use the net, so we may be back to our regular schedule of silliness very soon. Thanks for bearing with me!

In the meantime, how about setting up the RSS feed to yoru machine so you know when I post a new strip? Just put the link from the RSS feed options on the menu to the right into your RSS reader and you’ll know instantly when a new strip is available, giving you a warm and contented feeling of security inside.

See you next time!