What better source of comedy than medieval Jewish mysticism? That’s where I always go to when I’m looking for a giggle… Or not. Still, inspiration comes from wherever you find it, I guess.

‘Twas a good weekend, visiting family and friends. I ended up in a rather long discussion over the meaning of ‘time is relative’ and various other subjects relating to the theory of relativity, which was a very enjoyable way to pass an afternoon with a few pints.

Also, all the travelling means that I’m now just over 75% through editing my novel… For this pass. I think my editing skills have improved significantly over the past 400-ish pages since I first had a go at editing my fiction writing (no, my novel isn’t that big, it’s only 230 pages long but I edited fully once before it was stolen). The problem with this is that I’m pretty sure that I can go back and further polish the first half of the novel again, meaning that this probably isn’t the final edit. It makes the book better in the end (I hope!), so it’s worth the effort, but it really is such a lot of effort when all I want to do is start trying to get it published!

Have a great week everyone. See you Friday!