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You know, I think this strip summarises a lot about how my mind works. We’re having a bit of a diversion this week while I work out where on earth I was going with the main plot. I’m sure it was going somewhere when I started it, but that’s the problem with writing these two at a time: you tend to forget what you were planning. I really should make notes for myself or something.

My weekend was a lot of hard work, but it rocked. I was doing some web-design for friends on Saturday, wing chun kung fu on Sunday with Master Paul Hawkes (who is an absolute ninja… If ninjas lived in Crawley, and did kung fu not ninjitsu, and had a small scruffy dog hanging around with them) then went into work to get some more stuff done. Okay, so the last bit wasn’t so cool, but it’s not so bad either. Speaking of ork, I’d better head off there now.

Enjoy the comic, see you on Friday!