See, I told you I’d get there in the end.

It’s the Eurovision Song Contest this weekend. Dear gods preserve us. I saw some of the semi-finals last night and there are some abysmal entries this year. Sadly, the most entertaining entry from the night, Israel’s song Push The Button by the Teapacks, didn’t even get into the finals. Even Andorra (whose population halved by sending the band members out of the country to perform) managed a reasonable imitation of the cheesy UK boyband Busted but that didn’t get through. I suspect that me thinking that any entry wouldn’t make me want to destroy humanity automatically means it will fail. Instead, a song that sounds like some woman warbling over the cave-scene from The Matrix Reloaded got through, as did another one that stole the baseline from an old drum and bass track called Sweet Like Chocolate.

The highlight of Saturday’s show (my partner is a huge fan of this nonsense) will be a return of last year’s winner, the bizarre Finnish prog metal band Lordi performing the traditional ‘last year’s winner’ bit. Unfortunately it looks unlikely that we’ll get anything nearly that entertaining this year. Oh well, booze and nibbles shall have to fill the gaping musical void instead. Hurrah!

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