Damn you Jeph Jacques! I decided to read through the complete back catalog of Questionable Content last week, and it inspired me to dig out Soft Bulletin by The Flaming Lips (UK link US link). This was the music that accompanied me everywhere when I was first at the Burning Man festival back in 1999. I decided to pick it up again last year, but it never really caught in my brain that time.

For nostalgia’s sake I gave it another try after reading one of the QC episodes where the album is mentioned. Oh dear. I now cannot get it out of my head. I was humming ‘A Spoonful Weighs A Ton’ for the last three days, and have only today managed to successfully shift it from my brain by starting to hum the next track on the album instead. Frankly, it’s a bless’d relief to have something else going on in my head, but I am now wondering how many days this one will be stuck in there. It’s a bit of an acquired taste, but when you get that taste it’s so addictive it should be criminalised.

The last time I had anything this stuck in my brain was with Empires by VNV Nation (UK link US link). Do you ever find albums that, when finishing them, you can’t think of anything else that can follow them so you just start from the beginning again? Empires was like that for me. It’s the perfect piece of moody, stompy, dark electronica, i.e. bloody good fun.

For anyone interested, I’ve now finished I Am Legend by Richard Matheson (UK link US link) and I found the ending superb, and very unexpected. Maybe it’s because I like thinking about the creation of myths, but I thought it was an incredibly powerful way to end the story, especially considering how restrained the narrative had been up to that point. If you get the chance then I strongly recommend checking it out.

This weekend I plan to watch a couple of films, drink beer, play computer games, and draw comics. I reckon I’m going to have a great time! ‘Hope you all have fun too, see you on Monday!