Looking at Shakespeare’s usual standard of jokes, I wonder if he maybe he would have have used that Monty Python from Monday’s strip. I’m playing this for laughs, but then again so does Mercutio when he dies. I feel sort of dirty for messing with one of the greatest tragic scenes in the history of playwriting… Oh well, I guess I’ll go and do it again next week! šŸ™‚

Shh… I’ll let you in on a bit of a secret. In my spare time I’m writing a novel. It’s going really well and I’m very excited about it. This week I hit the 25% mark, so that’s going to count as the most fun thing I’ve done in the past few days. When writing Trouble Down Pit, I seem to be drawn to other people’s stories or legends, so it’s very refreshing mentally to be working out my own plot lines. I’m absolutely loving doing it, and I can’t wait until I’m done with the first edit so I can feel happier about telling people a bit more of what it’s about. For the moment I’m keeping that kind of thing to myself.

This weekend I plan to go and see some old kung fu friends to learn some new moves and generally have lots of fu fun. There’s a seminar in Winchester that I’m going to which is about Wing Chun (my personal favourite martial art) and escrima (which I’ve never tried, but involves lots of hitting things with sticks). I’ve not done much work on weapon combat, so I’m looking forward to the new experience!

I hope you’ll be having fun too. Are you planning anything exciting? If not, why not? You’ll never have this weekend ever again!