When I planned this strip I had no idea that it was going online on Sept 11th, now the day has arrived and I’ve noticed the link. This wasn’t deliberate!

The reason I decided to go ahead with putting this strip online is Veil’s reaction: the people who attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon believed they were somehow doing God’s work. Veil (for a change) brings a bit of sense into this. Tall buildings may once have been seen as challenging the will of God, and a very out-of-touch person like Mikey could still believe that such monuments are an affront. In the same way, the attackers five years ago felt that they were doing ‘the will of God’ to strike at American symbols, but they are equally out of touch. I thought about this for a while, and in the end came to the decision that the central point of the strip, ‘don’t be bloody daft when interpreting the divine’, was a reasonable comment on the day.

Damn… Talking about politics and religion… Must change subject…

I had a great weekend at a friend’s wedding, although it’s very easy to lose track of how much you’re drinking at those things… Sunday’s hangover was by far the worst I’ve had for a very long time! I met up, coincidentally, with a good friend of mine from many years ago (hi Steve!) and dropped into my old haunt, The Ship. It’s the alternative pub in Croydon, and, in a nice twist on reality, I don’t think I’ve been stared at on the streets while wearing PVC trousers and blue hair as much as I was wearing a shirt and tie in The Ship on a Saturday night!

I also dropped in on Richie at Time*Bomb. They’re a nice bunch of people in there, so check them out if you fancy doing a bit of alt-shopping in Croydon.

Maybe my childhood years in Croydon account for my fascination with big, ugly buildings. That’s probably where this strip has come from. I think they do some very peculiar things to the mind.

Enjoy the strip, and I’ll see you on Friday… I’ve got a great couple of strips lined up!