It seems like every time there’s a new big game, there’s a new bit to buy. The one that really tipped the scale for me was the upcoming Wii MotionPlus. Do you remember how the WiiMote was supposed to translate accurately your movements onto the screen? Well, the Wii MotionPlus will actually do that properly. Apparently. We’ve also got the Wii Vision and Wii Speak coming soon. I expect to see a Wii harddrive at some point in the future.

Is the Wii a bad system? No, not at all, but it does seem to be entirely built on the expectation that customers will be happy to keep on buying more accessories to go with it constantly.

Now, if you do have a Wii and fancy finding something good to play on it that doesn’t require new bit of equipment, check out the bonkers game No More Heroes. It’s about a slightly obsessive Japanese guy who becomes involved in a competition to be the world’s best assassin. It’s great fun, and more than a bit weird. Wiird, perhaps.

Why not pick it up for cheap on Amazon using the search boxes below this post? See you Friday!