How else do you write the sound of a charging rhino?

Important news: Trouble Down Pit badges are now available in the Matazone shop! They’re seriously cute too, so buy, buy, buy!

For the first time in years I got a trojan on my machine this weekend, so rather than doing productive things I spent around ten hours finding it and getting medieval on its arse. I would say ‘why do people make these things?’ but I already know that the answer is the usual one: money. Trojans cause so much misery and irritation to individuals, not just corporations, that they’re barely an improvement on mugging people in the street – at least that’s over faster and easier to claim on the insurance! Seriously though, trojans can really dent your faith in human compassion. Do you think that trojan writers get annoyed when someone else’s trojan gets on their machine? ‘Damn, I meant to spend the next half a day of my life writing code that will annoy tens of thousands of people, but now some inconsiderate git has forced me to fix this instead…’

That’s it for me today; I’m tired and aching after training yesterday, so I’m off to spend a bit of time on Friday’s comic before heading off for work. Today was the end of this little story arc, Friday starts off a few silly things. See you then!