That reminds me of a very old joke: a large hole has been discovered in central London. Police are looking into it.

I went out to Oblivion last night, which is a rock/punk/metal night in Guildford, located right by the train station. A couple of friends from my forum came down from Woking and we had a great night being astonished by a guy’s 8 inch pink mohican. If you’re in the area then come along to the next one on March 15th.

I’ve pre-ordered my PS3 from I figure that a man in full time employment should be able to buy toys when he wants to, so this is the first time I’ve ever got a new console on the day of release (in Europe, at least). There are a couple of titles that I’m looking forward to playing, but my PS2 is rather clapped-out, so I’m also looking forward to being able to play all those games again – the Xbox 360 is okay, but there still aren’t any absolutely essential titles for it (which is weird, over a year after release).

Tomorrow night I’m off to Dr Fell’s, a goth club night in Basingstoke (of all places). Somehow the oppressive office blocks work well with the goth atmosphere; they certainly give the sense that the world might as well be ending! Come along and boogie!

Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you on Monday. Bye!