Halloween short stories!

Instead of a few minutes of animation, this year I’ve got something a bit
different for you in the form of audio book short stories. You’ll need to
register in my shop to download them, but these two are on there and waiting for
you now. Your ears and mind will thank you:

A Kiss on the Palm

A man wakes at the wheel of his car, driving at 90 miles per hour down the
motorway at night. He only has one clue to the events of the evening, and from
that, the horrifying memories begin to return.

Approx 6 minutes.


Salvatore’s Birthday

Salvatore turns sixteen and is excited to finally meet the woman who has talked
to him all of his life, but why has she spent so long waiting for him?

Approx 5 minutes.


Those are two free audio books, totalling over ten minutes of new gubbins for
your audio pleasure.

There are also two more audio book short stories on there:

Fresh Salmon for McTavish

The strapping Scotsman, Drew McTavish, is on his way home where his wife his
preparing fresh salmon for dinner. He is most disgruntled to be delayed by a
fearsome beastie.

A slightly daft story. Approx 7 minutes.


Status Update

A ghost story about love and memory. Jonah is forced to confront his raw
feelings about an ex-girlfriend on the anniversary of her death.

Approx 10 minutes.


Those are £1 each, or you can download them together and get 25% off here:

That’s around 17 minutes of silly and spooky stories for £1.50. That’s better
value than a couple of tracks on iTunes and all the proceeds go towards
supporting your friendly neighbourhood creative chap, and what callous person
wouldn’t want to do that?

(If you’re scared of the awesomeness of British pounds sterling then there’s a
‘currency’ box on the right-hand column in the shop that lets you pay in US
dollars or Euros.)

So, that’s two free stories, and two more. Happy Halloween!