Fragments of Him

Instructions: use WASD to move, click on objects highlighted in yellow to remove them.

A few weeks ago I created a game called Fragments of Him with some friends from SassyBot Studio. It’s a narrative based interactive experience and takes about 10-20 minutes to play through.

‘Game’ isn’t perhaps the right word for it, but until we get a better word, that’s the one we’re going with.

It tells the story of a man who loses his partner in an accident and tries to come to terms with this by removing everything from his life that reminds him of his loved one.

As you can probably tell from that description, the game is not a comedy, but it has had some very powerful reactions from many players. I hope you like it!

If you want to read more about the design of Fragments of Him then read my designer/writer postmortem write up on my new games blog.

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See you next time!