This is what happens when I sit down to write a strip with absolutely no idea what I’m going to do. I browsed a summary of Romeo and Juliet, I had a flick through the script at this point, then completely ignored them both and did something daft instead. Guess what? Friday’s strip is pretty daft too.

It’s been a lovely weekend. I stayed up late writing the story for this year’s Halloween animation. Yes, I know it’s ages away but, given that I’ve not had time to make a single animation in the last year, I decided that the bigger the head-start the better.

I played lots of Bioshock (Buy it in the UK or buy it in the US), which really is an awesome bit of gaming, and was reminded about just how bloomin’ noisy the Xbox 360 is – you have to turn up the volume on the TV to cover the noise of the console! That’s not exactly atmospheric…

I also read a fair bit of Twilight Watch, the third part of the Night Watch trilogy (buy it in the UK or buy it in the US). It’s getting very exciting, and now I’m stuck in that eternal dilemma of wanting to rush through and find out what happens, but not wanting to go fast because it’ll be over too quickly. That’s a good sign, I guess, and yet it’s still annoying!

Sadly, there was no time for painting, but I had a lovely time taking it easy. I hope you all did something nice too! See you Friday! (Don’t forget to vote please.)