The first exhibition of my oil paintings is opening in Leiden in the Netherlands this weekend. It’s nothing to do with my comics – fine art is one of my other interests.

I’ve been painting for twenty years, but for most of the time I was using acrylic paints. Last year I reached the conclusion that I couldn’t go any further in my art while I was still using acrylics, so I decided to learn to use oil paints… And I love them. It’s absolutely the medium I needed to find to be able to create the images that I want to make. I feel like I’m just getting started, but this first exhibition is a wonderful opportunity to share my work with people at the start of my journey. It feels strange that it feels like I’m starting a journey after twenty years, but I guess that’s just the way it is with art.

If you’re in the area, please come and join us on Sunday at 1pm!

Have an awesome weekend, I hope I will!