The letter ‘d’ at the end of a word in Dutch is often pronounced the same as the letter ‘t’. If you’re learning Dutch and you understand English*, then swapping a ‘d’ for a ‘t’ can often make the word seem more familiar to an English spelling. In this case, ‘bad’ becomes ‘bat’, and ‘bad’ translates as ‘bath’.

This also means that a very common mistake for Dutch people, when they are writing in English, is to mix up those letters. For example, a Dutch person will often write ‘build’ when they meant to write ‘built’, because to them the pronunciation is almost identical.

In case you’re wondering, I’m an Englishman living in the Netherlands, and I find it interesting to spot the patterns between the two languages… Which might be of no interest to you, but it amuses me, and it’s my comic. So ner!

See you Friday!

*If you don’t understand English then I’m really impressed that you’re reading this.